Financial Statements

For every divorce case in Massachusetts involving the exchange of money – such as child support and/or alimony, couples are required to fill out financial statements that outline their income and expenses.  These statements become part of the full package required by the Probate and Family Court to review and ultimately accept your paperwork for filing.  On hearing day, you’ll be required to swear under oath that the forms have been completed honestly, accurately and to the best of your abilities.

Each person must fill out their own form.  If you earn less than $75,000 per year, you’ll need to file a “Short Form”…but if you make greater than $75,000 annually, it’s a “Long Form”.  You may or may not have a detailed budget of what you bring in and how much you spend, but regardless, these forms can be daunting.  You’ll need to keep focus also on your financial situation alone, keeping in mind that each person fills out a separate form.

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