Fighting Even After Divorce

DivorceMediateIf you’ve been through the divorce process, you know how complicated it was to untangle the many issues that you and your spouse/partner had created over the course of many years; yet, resolution still may not be accepted or adhered to even after the divorce is finalized. Emotions, spite, need, illness, change…all of these elements affect how people react and respond to each other which is especially highlighted even after divorce. In spite of clear wording and communication of what you thought were agreed-upon expectations, you still may be reeling in complications resulting from your separation as a couple.

Mediate Divorce can help you stay out of court – not a pleasant process to have to go through twice, or multiple times as related to divorce – and attempt to work out your disagreements together, with an impartial mediator. Sometimes, even if you both think you’ve put forth your best efforts, it may take the presence and experience of an outside party to help bring you closer towards resolution. The very last thing that anyone would want is for you to be in “contempt” for not having followed a legal requirement in your Separation Agreement, as contempt could necessitate going to jail.  Try to avoid all of that stress by working together or if not possible, with us, to figure out co-parenting, finances, or real-life changes that may affect one or both of your requests for modifications to your agreement.