PRESS RELEASE: Mediate Divorce Launch

For Immediate Release

Mediate Divorce Helps Couples Divorce Amicably

Separating in Massachusetts with less anger, greater collaboration and more happiness

     Newton, Massachusetts — Tuesday, October 10, 2017Mediate Divorce announces the official launch of its services, to help married and never married couples navigate the complex divorce process in Massachusetts and come to agreement, together with an impartial mediator, on the many issues affecting their separation. With the divorce rate in Massachusetts climbing every year, according to, Mediate Divorce meets a growing market demand.

Mediate Divorce works with couples together, side-by-side with a mediator, to untangle and collaborate on issues they have merged over the course of their marriage or partnership, such as finances, children and parenting, property, other assets, and retirement planning.

“Divorce is but a moment in time, but couples are under so much stress that they just can’t see the light,” says Lisa Ross, founder of Mediate Divorce. “We help them get through one of the worst and most complex experiences in their life journeys so that they can emerge with a positive way forward for themselves and their families.”

Mediation used for divorce planning is the least expensive, fastest, and most collaborative alternative dispute resolution process. Couples work side by side, with an experienced mediator in a neutral environment, to reach mutual agreement instead of a judge creating the fate of their and their children’s lives. Divorce mediation teaches effective communication skills to last a lifetime, especially important when children are involved. It serves useful also for post-divorce conflict and life changes that may cause modification requests to agreements. Couples using attorneys also often seek mediation assistance to resolve sensitive issues.

“The ending of my relationship was confusing and depressing,” shared a client of Mediate Divorce who requested confidentiality, “but Lisa’s gentle, positive and knowledgeable style helped cut through details and miscommunications for us to reach the best resolution.”


Mediate Divorce ( is a private practice that helps married and never married couples understand and reach settlement on the many issues related to a potential divorce filing in Massachusetts. The company offers a wide range of services designed to help spouses and partners separate with less anger, more collaboration and greater satisfaction. By working with an impartial mediator, spouses and partners can work together to navigate the many issues they have merged over the course of their partnership, such as co-parenting arrangements, financial planning, division of assets, and other sensitive topics.


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Lisa Ross, Mediator