What You Can Expect

Mediate Divorce will pair you with a trained mediator, experienced with the divorce process, who remains neutral (does not take sides) and guides discussions and progress. Each meeting typically lasts for 2 hours, and relevant topics to complete your divorce filing in Massachusetts are discussed and negotiated. There mostly are joint sessions with opportunities also for private one-on-ones. You can expect a total of 5-7 sessions, depending on your situation. Even if you cannot sit in the same room together, for reasons we can discuss, we still may be able to help you.

Our Process

  1. Initial Consult:  A complimentary, 15-minute phone discussion with a mediator to address your questions and discuss if Mediate Divorce would be the right option to meet your needs
  2. Joint Meetings:  Several in-person meetings spanning 2 hours per session, with both of you in a room with the mediator, and also private sessions, to make decisions necessary for your legal separation agreement
  3. Final Agreement:  Drafting of a Memorandum of Agreement (after which we suggest that you consult with a lawyer; recommended but not required) and initiation of a Separation Agreement to file with the appropriate probate and family court
  4. Modifications:  Mediating disagreements you both cannot solve yourselves even after a final divorce versus going through additional court filings and appearances

What Mediation Guarantees

Rest assured that you and your spouse/partner will experience the following when working with Mediate Divorce:

  • Impartial – We stay neutral – this is YOUR life and YOUR future – and we guide you to discuss and agree upon topics that work for each of you.
  • Confidential – Discussions with the mediator in person, by phone, by email, and via text are private and separate from your divorce filing documents.
  • Voluntary – Mediation is optional, being your choice to participate.  You can end mediation at any time and still pursue other options to finalize your divorce. Even if you think your personal situation is way too difficult to mediate, you may consider just trying; folks who mediate their separation tend to be satisfied with and uphold their arrangements.
  • Informed Consent – You both ultimately must choose to participate, with an end goal of an agreement to be filed in court.  Even if you are represented by attorneys, all involved parties should understand the mediation process, expectations and end goals.
  • Self Determination – You, not a judge, will co-create your agreement terms.  You know yourselves, your child/ren, and hopes for future outcomes.  We can help you chart your own course.

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