Mediate Divorce is a private mediation practice that helps married and never married couples navigate the complex divorce process in Massachusetts. We guide spouses and partners to reach understanding and agreement together…yes, it IS possible…with less anger, more collaboration and greater satisfaction. Going through divorce is a daunting and emotionally charged experience, so we welcome the opportunity to support you through this journey.


There are four typical options to prepare for divorce in Massachusetts; you may:

  1. Do It Yourself (DIY):  DIY is the most cost effective of all options – free even, other than court filing fees. There’s also TurboLaw and other family law software that some folks use. To ensure the most success before and after your divorce, however, you will have to work extremely closely and well with your spouse/partner to negotiate all terms and know how to navigate our state’s complex divorce requirements and system. Also, for DIY to be optimal, you’ll need to understand the legalities of term conditions and all topics you’ll want to consider negotiating with your spouse/partner as well as for your child/ren’s best interests.
  2. Mediation:  A trained, experienced, impartial mediator can help you come to agreement and facilitate the filing process. It’s certainly more costly than “free” but typically less expensive and faster than the following options. With both parties coming to terms together, usually in a room, it’s more efficient to reach financial and parenting plans plus you can have relative control over the outcomes of topics on which you reach agreement.
  3. Hire An Attorney:  Either one or both of you may hire lawyers separately; one attorney cannot represent both parties.  Using a divorce attorney can be expensive and lengthy depending on the complexity of your situation, plus the level of communication between you and your spouse/partner may deteriorate.  That said, having an attorney by your side will help educate you on legal matters and serve as your advocate, doing the necessary work to protect your interests.  We suggest consulting with an attorney at some point/s in your divorce process and will work together with you, your spouse/partner, and attorney/s to mediate at our sessions, if you all agree.
  4. Litigation:  This last-resort option involves going to the Probate and Family Court in the county where you last lived together and requesting a public hearing for a Judge to decide terms of your divorce. This entire process is for those who simply cannot come to agreement. It’s a highly stressful situation, as parties have no control over the outcome (which is decided by a judge), plus litigation typically is not initiated in the best interests of your child/ren. Only 3% of divorce cases go to trial, although in some cases, it’s necessitated.


Independent research studies show that using mediation for divorce planning can be:

  • A less expensive path to mutual agreement ($$$ savings) versus other alternative dispute resolution options
  • More collaborative to customize discussions, creating your own outcomes versus a judge deciding for you (and your minor child/ren, if applicable)
  • Faster potentially to file and create a new, meaningful, more positive way forward


  • We empower couples  – YOU are in control of topics discussed and decisions made about your divorce. We know the legal “must haves” and “nice to haves” to ensure that everything gets covered and agreed upon as best as you desire.
  • We give you a voice, in a neutral environment with the mediator. Even if you may face current communication challenges with your spouse/partnter, our mere presence and expertise create opportunities for problem resolution.
  • We help you improve life skills, like effective communication, cooperation, and collaboration, all important to get through this process and also post divorce if you share financial and/or parenting arrangements.
  • We help you create positive outcomes for your child/ren, whose interests are key. We know how difficult it can be to parent your best when you are at your worst (often the case during divorce), so we’ll advise strategies and guide you through the legal means to create and achieve your co-parenting goals.
  • We provide an impartial forum, giving couples time to talk…and listen. Our primary goal is to help you both reach agreement through more productive conversations than you may have had thus far for navigating divorce issues.
  • With our guidance, we help you resolve ongoing family disputes, even after a divorce has been finalized.
  • Mediate Divorce can guide you through the divorce process in a way that can be less costly and faster than most other options.

People who reach agreements that they create themselves are more likely to uphold them.

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We are proud members of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation (www.mcfm.org) and Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce (www.nnchamber.com).